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Samuel eats out

On Saturday 20th September 2008 it was milestone reached for our family, one that might first seem insignificant to some but it was another big step in Samuels life.

After some concerns with Samuel's eating with not progressing well up the different stages of the various baby food jars we soon noticed he had a dislike of runny food with lumps. Runny ok, lumps ok, the two together no go. He then liked eating toast with jam, honey or marmite and steadily we have been introducing new food items into his diet.

On a visit to a local Wetherspoons for a family meal out, Samuel actually had his own children's meal..a feast of Fish Fingers, Chips and Baked Beans.

Samuel has developed quite a liking now for Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers and Chips but is not so partial to Baked Beans as yet (hence the untouched portion in the photo).

As can be seen Samuel made excellent progress through his three Fish Fingers and Chips..

Well done Samuel we are so proud of you!

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