Busy at 11 Months!

Saturday September 11, 2010

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Busy at 11 Months!
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                                                           So now at 11months old, here are some of the things I get up to in a  typical week:

Monday 10.30 - 12.00 Bumble Bees at the Children's Assessment Centre, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury. I love coming here each week, there is a group of about 6. We sit on the floor when we arrive playing with sensory and musical toys, and once everyone has arrived, Jane and the other girls do the 'Hello' song followed by some physiotherapy to music, even Roz (the physiotherapist) and Adele (the occupational therapist) join in to make sure we are doing things properly.
We have to roll over, stretch, sit to stand, but my favourite is 'Jelly on the Plate' where I sit on a gym ball while I bounce up and down with my Mum holding me, its always guaranteed to put a big smile on my face.

Then we have a snack, I can choose a yoghurt, Wotsits, biscuits or rice cakes and a drink.
After that we do an activity, maybe someone will visit and give a talk on local services available or we do hand or feet painting or playing with water. To finish we all sing the Teddy Goodbye song.

Tuesday 11.15 - 11.45 Speech Therapy with Lee at the Briary School, Greenhill, Herne Bay. (For more details, click HERE to view the group's poster)

12.30 - 14.30 A group for pre-school children with hearing loss at Herne Bay allotments (once a month in term time). This is run by Rosie & John who are specialist teachers for hearing impaired children in East Kent. The group is good fun, I meet other children with hearing aids and even cochlear implants. We play with puzzles and toys while parents , friends and relatives have a cuppa and a chat. We always finish with John playing the guitar and Rosie singing songs and signing the words.

Wednesday 10.45 - 11.30 Sing and Sign with Emma at the Hippodrome in Herne Bay. I join up to 10 other children and their Mum's where we sing songs and learn signing.
13.30 - 15.00 'Get Walking' where we meet up with other parents with pre-school children at the Central Bandstand in Herne Bay for a 45min walk. My Mum says they do a nice coffee afterwards at the Cafe Bar at the Bandstand afterwards (but I am normally asleep by then).

Thursday 10.45 - 11.30 'Gymbabes' which is the 6 months to walking section of Tumbletots held at Tyler Hill near Canterbury.

Friday Its leisure day!! (if only) There is always something to do or someone visits me.

Saturday & Sunday Its Daddy time !!!!

People I See Regularly

my portage lady comes round every other week. She brings different toys round and plays with me. At the moment she would like me to take things out of a pot and put things in a pot. My Mum and Dad and Grandparents are saving the different colour plastic milk bottle tops at the moment as they can be used for this, plus pairs and counting later.

Rosie is my specialist teacher for the hearing impaired, she visits once a month, assessing my progress. She makes sounds with me and plays with me. Giving my Mum and Dad ideas on things to help me and answering any questions. Rosie also checks my two digital hearing aids.

Here I am doing my homework having fun with my Daddy  practicing making sounds

Sally is my key worker, she comes to see me every three months (but is always at the end of the phone if my Mum needs to speak to her) making sure that I am receiving all the help that is available.

Adele  is my occupational therapist, I see her every Monday at Bumble Bees, but she also visits me every so often to see if I need any specialist equipment to help my development. Already I have a ladybird seat and sunbeam chair which is bright orange!!

Katrina is a speech therapist who I have just started seeing at the Children's Assessment Centre in Canterbury.

Adrienne is my audiologist who I see once a month at the moment at the Children's Assessment Centre, she does new moulds for my hearing aids. I get to choose a different colour each time, but my favourite is orange. As my ears are growing fast I see her once a month on a Thursday. If I need to see her more often my Mum only has to call and is normally seen the same week...what excellent service!!!


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