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Busy at Nearly 4!


Samuel is now nearly four years old and really is a busy boy now!










Here is a summary of a typical week for Samuel.


This is my quiet day, with not too much that I have to go to. Some Monday's I am going to start going swimming with Mummy and my friend Caitlin and her Mummy Jo.
The last Monday of the month, Rosie, my Teacher of the Deaf runs a group at Briary Children's Centre, Herne Bay for pre-school children with a hearing impairment. We have fun playing games and singing/signing songs.
Mummy tries to make my ear mould appointments for Monday's as well as eye tests and Rosie coming to see me once a month too.


My Mummy is now an 'Early Years' Coordinator for SNAAP running the under 5's special needs toddler group, this I also go to from 10.00 to 12.00.
In the afternoon my Grandad looks after me whilst my Mummy goes to a meeting. Once a month in the afternoon, I go to Faversham to a really nice music group run by a lady called Robyn.

Fortnightly, Claire my Portage lady comes round to see me. We do fun things but she makes we work too.


08.30 to 11.30, I go to a mainstream Pre-School at The Briary, Herne Bay. I have a one to one assistant called Debbie. I love Pre-School and have made loads of friends. I particularly enjoy the book corner and the role play room where there is a kitchen. I enjoy playing tea parties with the other children.

From 12.30 to 14.30, I go the Riverside Children's Centre in Canterbury, as my Mummy runs their under 5's special needs toddler group.


This morning its Pre-School once again at The Briary, 08.30 to 11.30.

12.30 to 15.00, I attend the special needs Pre-School at The Children's Assessment Centre, Canterbury. This is in the room next to where I used to go for Honey Bears, but instead of all play, I do have to do some work, but it is still fun!


Today I go to Joy Lane Children Centre, Whitstable, where Jean (a Portage lady), runs a group for children who receive or have received Portage 10.00 to 12.00. We always start with a craft activity, then we can play whilst Jean gets snack time ready. Jean always does a yummy snack! and gets cakes and scones for the Mummy's (and Daddy's). We finish with songs and a story - Owl Babies and Dear Zoo are two of Jean's favourites.Gabriel/Pippa are usually Percy in the story. Gabriel and Caitlin are two of my best friends.

From 12.15 to 15.15 its time for Pre-School at The Briary.

Soon I will be starting a six week block of speech therapy sessions at the Children's Assessment Centre in Canterbury, this will make my Friday extremely busy at this will be 09.00 to 09.45 (I will at least get a power nap in the car)

People I See

Claire - Speech Therapist at Children's Assessment Centre.
Rosie - Teacher of the Deaf
Sally - Key Worker
Niki - Occupational Therapist
Felicity - Physiotherapist
Claire - Portage Service
Dr Thomas - Audiology
Zoe - Hearing Aid ear moulds
Mr Edwards - Eye Specialist

I also have regular appointments to ensure my Piedro boots fit properly as these will hopefully help me when I start walking.


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