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Saturday, 11 September 2010

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On Thursday 19th October 2006 we went in for him to be induced, whilst this was taking place we were visited by a film crew who were filming a programme for ITV about the United Kingdom's 'lack' of midwifes. We consented to being filmed but sadly we ended up on the 'cutting room floor'.
After two unsuccessful attempts at inducing, the midwife said they would not continue anymore for one day and I was asked to go home and let Angie get some rest.

I drove home and got a little sleep, but at 2.50 I was awoken by the phone, it was the hospital asking me to return ASAP. I returned to Margate as quickly as I could and waited outside for one of the busy midwifes to let me in. As I was led down the corridor the midwife explained what had happened and took me to a recovery room, there stood a crib and in it lay a beautiful little boy (see the first picture below), "would you like to hold your son Mr Ralph?", it was a moment I will never forget. Angie was still in theatre but was all ok.
Samuel had been born by emergency crash Caesarean Section, this was due to the midwife (who was now on a 24 hour shift!) finding Angie slumped in pain, she quickly monitored Angie to discover that Samuels heart rate was dropping, time was now crucial, without her quick actions we are certain Samuel would not be here now, but happily he was born on Friday 20th October 2006 at 3.02 AM weighing 5lb 4oz.

As I waited in the recovery room for Angie to come out of Theatre, I held my little boy in my arms, what a little  miracle I was holding, so beautiful. I was asked to try feeding him, this went very well but soon after I noticed he had changed colour from pink to blue/grey, he was swiftly taken to a Resusitair where he was given oxygen. Soon his colour was restored, only for the same thing to happen again a little later.

Angie came out of Theatre but of course was still suffering from the effects of the anaesthetic, she was able to have a quick look at Samuel but due to being so sleepy after her ordeal it was not a moment she could fully appreciate.

Due to Samuel's 'dusky' moments, the doctors explained to me that he would have to be admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit for constant monitoring. We then released that Samuel coming home with us might not be for sometime.
I came with Angie to her ward, this had six beds, four of which were taken and sat with her, she was a lot more awake now but still very tired after her ordeal. I went outside the hospital and made several phone calls on my phone to tell the world of the good news.
I came back to spend some time with Angie but after awhile it was clear we both needed some rest so I came home.
I made more good news phone calls, only for me to lose my voice, people found it highly amusing...except me.

Back at the hospital, Angie was feeling very upset as all the other Mum's had their babies with them as well as family and friends. Angie was desperate to see Samuel, but due to her surgery, a catheter and no family or friends around to help, she was totally immobile and stuck in her bed. One of the midwifes could see how upset she was and went down to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) returning with a photo, this was of a little baby with tubes up its nose wearing a little blue hat.

Later in the afternoon I was able to come back to see Angie. After having a word with one of the nurses I was able to get Angie in a wheelchair and take her round to the SCBU to finally see our
little boy.
I could see the tears of joy filling her eyes at finally being able to hold him in her arms. He had lots of tubes going into him, oxygen up his nose as well as a feeding tube and several wires going to sensors attached to him with constant bleeping from the monitor tracking his heart rate and oxygenation levels. In his crib he was laid on a specially heated water bed as he had difficulties
maintaining his body temperature.
Later that day I came home to collect his big brother and sister - Steven & Lacey so they could see him for the first time. Lacey had already been
shopping for him on her way home from school and had bought Samuel his first teddy bear from the 'Build a Bear Workshop'.
We never anticipated Samuel would end up in the SCBU, as nothing had really been mentioned about this, but the staff were amazing, always very friendly, even in the middle of the night when phoning to see that Samuel was ok. Samuel particularly seemed to have a thing about Liz as he always seemed to 'pee' over her.

Video of Angie feeding little two day old Samuel in the SCBU


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