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Saturday, 11 September 2010

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The first picture of Samuel just a few minutes old

Angie's first cuddle with Samuel

Samuel meets his Nana for the first time.

Samuel waving hello!

Samuels first trip on the London Underground

Samuel listening to 'High School Musical' on Lacey's Ipod

Samuel with his Mummy in Harrods

Samuel at 15 weeks old

Samuel being fed by his Nana

Samuel out for a pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll with his Mummy and Daddy

Samuel with his Aunty Sandra

Samuel with 'Don Chickerweeney' - The God Father

Samuel with his grandad

Samuel with his Aunty Jean

Samuel being fed by his Grandad

Samuel with his big sister Lacey

Samuel with his big brother Steven

Feeding time whilst in the Special Care Baby Unit at Margate

So cute in his crib in the Special Care Baby Unit

Beautiful flowers sent to us from our friends at M-real New Thames

Samuel finally going home

Here is Adam (assistant God Dad) holding Samuel

Here is Maria his God Mum (to be) with Samuel

Samuel enjoying sitting in his Bumbo seat

Angie and Samuel having a snooze

Bryan (Jim) and Gina finally meet Samuel whilst in London from Evesham

Lacey and Emily with Samuel

Samuels first hearing test

Samuel gets a cuddle from Sue

Samuel with Pam

Lesley meets Samuel

Samuel enjoying his favourite TV programme - BBC's 'Something Special'

A picture of Samuels friend Adam (assistant god dad to be) dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow

Sammy with his Uncle Dave

What a smart looking boy?

The expression says it all

Nana chatting to Samuel

Samuel with his mummy

Nana feeding Samuel whilst on family meal out at the Harvester

Cover stars!! This was a special magazine cover done at the London Baby Show

This is my amigo Laila who I met on holiday at our hotel - Magic Monika Holidays in Calla De Finestrat, Spain. Laila always made a fuss of me

This is another of my new friends who I met in Spain on my holiday - Marianne, who was always pleased to see me

They did some strange baby milk in Spain, see how dark yellow it is! milk with carrot and cereal, but I loved it!!

I visited a zoo for the first time in Spain - Terra Natura which is near Benidorm. They had creatures I had not seen before!

Daddy showed me a Tiger, reminded me of our pet cat Leo

Thats a strange creature daddy! (its a chicken Samuel)

This is me with Mummy, and my sister Lacey and brother Steven outside Terra Natura animal theme park near Benidorm

This is in the hotel, my daddy giving me my breakfast

Mummy and Daddy had brought my travel cot out to Spain for me too - all the comforts of home and ideal for my afternoon nap.

It is my holiday, chill out time!

I loved being layed on the floor in the hotel and having a kick about. Lots of hotel guests would come and say hello to me.

This is a view of the lovely hotel pool, I was looking forward to a splash about in there but it did not get warm enough for that :-<

This is me and Daddy (i am the one in the boat) at Greenhead Park, Huddersfield

I do like a good swim!

Here I am with my Nana, look at the lovely jumper she knitted me

Its bed time. This is me when I was 7 months old in my cot. Do you like my Grobag?

This is me at 10months old

At long last I got to meet my Aunty Cor

Here I am in pushchair shopping in Marks & Spencers

Well after lots of shopping there is nothing better than to enjoy a nice gingerbread man..yummy!!

Do you like my hat? Daddy's nice boss bought me this on his holiday! wasn't he nice to think of me.

I went to Spain again and this is me playing with the sand on the beach in Calella.

This is me chilling out around the pool of the hotel in Spain

Here I am with my Mummy in my new outfit ready to go to my friend Kane's first birthday party.

Here I am at my friend Kane's party (thanks to Amanda for the picture)

I do love Wotsits especially at parties (thanks to Amanda for the picture)

Me with Mummy and Daddy (thanks again Amanda)

Its me!! (thanks Amanda)

I think this may be my best side :-> (thanks Amanda)

I do so love McDonalds ice cream sundaes..yum yum!!

This is me with Jane at the Bumble Bees play group having a pre-birthday party with all my friends. Do you like the cake Mummy made me!

Do you like the hat I got at Disneyland Paris?

Oh Daddy you are funny!!

What a hat! I made this :->

Do you like my new camping chair?

On the beach in Spain with my Daddy

Its a bit wet this sea Daddy!

Here is Daddy and I in the hotel pool

It's me on the plane flying to Belfast

Don't I look a big boy! here I am on the Giants Causeway in Nothern Ireland

With Mummy at the Giants Causeway on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland

Having fun on the swing at Wildwood animal park near Herne Bay.

Here I am at SNAAPS

Out for a boys evening out with my God Daddy and Daddy in the Rose Pub in Herne Bay - The boys are back in town!!

After the excellent DS related storyline in Eastenders (BBC TV) around the time I was born, we got to meet Emma Barton - Honey from Eastenders

Fun at bath time

My signing has come on very well at Sing & Sign, here I am signing.

After 50 sessions of Sing & Sign, here I am with Emma and Jessie Cat at my last session. I really loved Sing & Sign.

Yeah! its tea time!!!

Do you like the new coat Mummy and Daddy bought me?!

I love going out and about in the car

Look, I can stand..with a little help!!

Here I am at our local Harvester restaurant having ice cream with strawberry sauce..I love it!

Here I am with my sister - Lacey. She is great! I can even sign L for Lacey too.

I love you Mummy XXX

Look what my lovely God Mummy and Daddy bought me, a new hat, gloves, a blanket and a pushchair for visiting. Thank you!!!

Its me with mummy on a camel in Egypt!!

This is me in Egypt sampling the local ice cream.

This is me partying on a night out in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt!!!

Oh dear..too much Egyptian partying!!

After a busy day in Egypt its time for bed..wish you were here Daddy!!

Samuel meets royalty!! Princess Anne!!

Sammy and Daddy, just like twins separated at birth :->

Hey look its me eating KFC for the very first!!

Do you like my bubbles hat?? Daddy made by bath very bubbly :->

Here I am enjoying a lovely picnic down by the Kings Hall at Herne Bay.

Here I am sat like a good boy in the Tea & Times cafe in Whitstable whilst Mummy and Daddy had a coffee.

We recently went camping in Staffordshire, I LOVE camping!! whilst on the campsite Daddy took me to the swings..great fun!!


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