Samuel Comes Home

Saturday, 11 September 2010



 Saturday 28th October 2006
I woke with excitement this morning, this was due to the fact that our little boy was to be allowed home with us, the BIG day had arrived that we had been waiting for.

Angie has spent the night in one of the two rooms they have in the SCBU, this is to allow mothers to spend a night with their child before leaving the SCBU.
The facilities at the SCBU at Margate were really good. The room was comfortable with a bed, two nice chairs, a TV/DVD and an adjoining toilet and shower room.

I was due to see Angie and Samuel around 09.30, stopping on the way at the nearby Asda to get some tiny baby vests and baby grows, as we had only got newborn + clothes. Whilst there I got two helium balloons, 'Its a Boy' for Samuel and a 'Welcome Home' one for Angie.

I arrived at the hospital, Angie had had her breakfast and Samuel had had his bottle. Our hurdles were waiting for the different people to see before being discharged.

The first person was the hearing test lady. She arrived with a trolley with lots of equipment that linked into a laptop PC, Samuel was quite happy for her to stick the pads on which were attached to wires, but this didn't work and neither did the 'cyberman' headphones, we joked it was his first Ipod. The lady decided the equipment was at fault but we would receive an appointment for this to be done in Canterbury in a few weeks time. Apart from us waiting for Samuel to be examined, Angie had to visit the Maternity department to have her blood pressure checked and her stitches cleaned.

After a long wait which seemed like an eternity, I went off and got some drinks from the Coffee Kiosk, when I came back I found Angie very upset in tears. I asked her whatever was wrong?? apparently a doctor had popped in and said that Samuel could not go home until Monday!!! this was after being told on the Friday that Angie and Samuel could go home Saturday. I went off and had words.
It turned out due to administrative reasons, babies are not normally discharged at the weekend. I was determined that that would not be the case for Samuel!
We were desperate to take our little boy home, there was no medical reason why he should still be in hospital and we had so looked forward so much to Samuel coming home. To our relief they agreed to allow Samuel home, as long as everything was ok when he was examined.

Eventually Samuel was checked by the paediatrician and asked if we were happy with everything (we certainly were now that the doctor had arrived). The doctor said all was fine and that we would be all ok to leave (YIPPEE!!), so one of the nurses went off to get Samuel's medication, as since arriving at the SCBU he had been receiving medicine for his kidneys, this was due to the scans before birth identifying slight renal dilations and the medicine would prevent infection.

We then got Samuel ready to leave and put him in a 'Snow Suit' which his Aunty Sarnie had got him, it was just a little bit on the large side, but would keep him 'snug as a bug in a rug' for his journey home.

We put Samuel in his car seat for the first time. As recommended, we had practiced putting the car seat in our cars and were now experts, but no one had mentioned at all how to adjust the straps of the car seat to fit the baby!! This was not as straight forward as it might first appear, especially as Samuel was so small, weighing 5lb 2oz when leaving hospital.
We got this fathomed out, collected our bits and pieces together and went to say our goodbyes to the wonderful committed staff who were always happy and cheerful even when they are short staffed and under pressure. As we were leaving they joked he could not leave until they got another boy, as he was the only boy and all they had was girls now.

It was now 14.30 and left the hospital in Margate. After the many journeys to the hospital and back my car seemed to know they way home to Herne Bay, arriving to a pile of brown envelopes with hospital appointments on the doormat.
We were expecting hospital appointments but were quite surprised at receiving this wad of appointments so quickly!

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